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Affected version(s): 7.10.x


Some configuration options are not in the configuration files. 

Root Cause

During an update you maybe selected the wrong option to update the configuration files in your package manager or the option is not by default in the files due to "lean configuration".


An overview of all backend configuration options can be found at: 

an overview about the different versions and other documentation can be found at:

You can also search (since 7.10) with the included tool showconfigdocu

showconfigdocu -s autologin
Key: com.openexchange.sessiond.autologin
Whether autologin is allowed or not.

Default: false
Package: open-xchange-core
Tags: Session

It will also show you in the tags if a reloadconfiguration is enough after a change to use the new value, or if you can set it fine grained in the configcascade. In the example above it is not possible.

showconfigdocu -s birthday
Key: com.openexchange.calendar.birthdays.enabled
Configures if the birthdays calendar provider is available for a user or not.

Default: true
Version: 7.10.0
Package: open-xchange-core
Tags: Config Cascade | Reloadable | Calendar | Contact

In that example the option can be used in the configcascade and a reloadconfiguration is enough to use the change.

To narrow down the search please have a look at the options:

showconfigdocu --help