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How is the priority of Whitelisting vs Blacklisting handled for  VadeSecure?


The more specific entry wins. In case of a blacklist entry for a domain and a whitelist entry for a specific address of this domain, everything will be blocked except the specific whitelist address.


    • Domain is whitelisted
    • Specific address is blacklisted

    A match against the blacklist entry wins in this case.  If the same entry exists in black and whitelist, the whitelist entry wins.
  • Regarding other checks, the whitelist is applied on the RCPT TO step. All protocolar rules applied before are not subject of blacklist/whitelist. The protocolar rules concerned are as follows: 
Protocolar Rules

HELO : check if the HELO is a FQDN 
MAIL FROM : check if the domain has a A or MX record