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OX Cloud EU platforms (standard AVAS)

OX Cloud US platforms (standard AVAS)

Set up domain records for OX Cloud

OX Cloud is available as a whitelabel solution where all public endpoints appear under the partner's brand. This table lists the different entrypoints.

The hostnames listed here are examples. The specific ones managed by OX will be communicated as part of the onboarding process. The partner names are already required to be given by the partner during the onboarding request together with matching certificates (wildcard preferred).

The DNS records are supposed to be CNAME records pointing to the A records on the right side of the table.

PurposeCNAME record managed by partner (exemplary)A record managed by OX
Guest sharing
DAV protocol
SMTP (Submission)

Set up MX records for OX Cloud

These MX records are to be used for mail domains which are accessed under the whitelabel domain either in EU or in US.

Please note: In case you will be using custom endpoints with your own domain you will get a different set of MX records during onboarding compared to the example below. The SPF records typically stay identical though unless stated otherwise. MX records must NOT be CNAME

Name/Host/AliasTime to live (TTL)Record TypePriorityValue/Answer/Destination
@ or leave
@ or leave
@ or leave
@ or leave

Configure SPF for OX Cloud

SPF records are in the responsibility of the domain owner. OX provides records which can be included in the own policy and include the IP address ranges which are used for sending mail.

How to include those is outlined below. Those are valid for the primary Cloud platforms. In case of doubt please align with an OX representative if those are the right ones to use.

OX Cloud EU

Name/Host/AliasTime to live (TTL)Record TypeValue/Answer/Destination
@ or leave blank3600TXTv=spf1 ~all

OX Cloud US

Name/Host/AliasTime to live (TTL)Record TypeValue/Answer/Destination
@ or leave blank3600TXTv=spf1 ~all
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