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Affected version(s): 7.10.5-rev32 (OX Mobile API Facade v1.12)


After installation of the update the mobile facade isn't starting and users can't access email with the mail app.

Root Cause

Missing file in the package.


Because the updated package was already released, you can skip the workaround and go to the "Solution" part.

You can copy the missing file from another location:

cp /opt/open-xchange/osgi/bundle.d/com.openexchange.osgi.annotation.ini /opt/open-xchange/mobile-api-facade/osgi/bundle.d/

and restart the service

systemctl restart open-xchange-mobile-api-facade.service


Install the fixed package open-xchange-mobile-api-facade 1.12.1-1.

Tracked as Bug OMFACADE-676

STATUS: fixed with OX Mobile API Facade v1.12.1-rev1

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