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Affected version(s): 7.10.2


Older browsers, such as Internet Explorer 11 are not working with OX App Suite 7.10.2.  The compose window will not open or stays blank when creating new mail, forwarding, or replying.

Root Cause

The frontend expects the browser to support which is part of ECMAScript 2015. IE11 does not support this function. For a comprehensive chart of browsers and their level of support, you may consult the following external link:

(warning) See specifically the row: function "name" property.


The workaround for the issue is to use a modern browser at its latest version.


This will be fixed in 7.10.3.

For 7.10.2:
Open-Xchange provided a fix with patch 5291, Open-Xchange Appsuite frontend 7.10.2-rev5. Please update

See also the following Patch Release Notes.

Tracked as Bug #65304.