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For OX Cloud there are only very limited settings that can be influenced. This article will give you an overview of the settings that can be influenced via the provisioning API.

Dynamic theming

Dynamic theming is used to customize the colors and the logo of the OX App Suite Cloud user interface to your needs. To learn more about the available theming options for OX Cloud please check OX Cloud hands-on theming.

Provision contact data for the about dialog

You should overwrite the contact data displayed in the about dialog under the settings menu and may provide your support contact data.

The contact settings are customizable using provisioning and have to be provisioned for every created context. The setting you have to provision ist called "com.openexchange.appsuite.servercontact".


'value' => 'My Example Org | <a href=\\"\\" target=\\"_blank\\"></a> | <a href=\\"\\" target=\\"_blank\\">Contact us</a>',
'key' => 'com.openexchange.appsuite.servercontact'

Unified Quota

Combined quota of Mail and Drive storage, instead two separate quotas; one for Mail and one for Drive Storage. You can find additional technical information in our public documentation. Unified quota has to be provisioned on user level and has to be done when you provision a new user. The quota can also be changed afterwards.

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