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Adding a gmail IMAP account is not working despite the correct email and password. If your provider supports google oauth this is not needed, only if you see on adding a new email account no dedicated option for google. 

Root Cause

Google changed the access to IMAP, it is not possible anymore to access it only with the "normal" password you use for the webmail login. Some other providers are also affected as far as we know, e.g. Yahoo.


We describe the way using GMail, please adapt the steps below for other providers if needed.

First you need to enable 2-Step Verification. This is needed for the next steps. Unfortunately you can't disable it afterwards, this will also delete the newly created passwords. 

  • login in to
  • search for "2-" it should show "2-Step Verification" in the list, select it
  • enable it if not already done
  • you will see some more pages and you have login again to confirm the changes
  • again on 
  • search for "App passwords" and select it from the list
  • "Select App" and choose "Other", name it, like "OX webmail"
  • press the "Generate" button
  • a new "window" will appear with your app specific password. It appears to be separated by spaces, but it isn't, it is one long string.
    So instead of "aaa vvvv 3334 sdasd" for example it is "aaavvvv3334sdasd" (without the quotes)
  • copy it by mouse select should correctly work
  • you can't view the password later, so write it down and/or store it somewhere secure 
  • use you gmail email address and this password when you are adding it as IMAP account to Appsuite

    If you forgot to write it down or lost the password, you can create a new "App" if needed. For security reasons you probably want to have one dedicated password per app you are using. 

STATUS: external, no fix possible

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