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What do I have to do as an affected customer?

If the Blacklist provider is mentioned in monitored lists:

There is no action required on the customer side. If one of our IP addresses ends up on any of the above lists, Open-Xchange will work with the listing service to delist our IP address as soon as possible. Typically not longer than one business day.

If the Blacklist provider is not mentioned the monitored lists:

There could be a couple of different reasons why you might see a problem with blacklisting, but don't find the blacklist provider in the monitored lists:

  • Some commercial blacklists do not provide APIs for monitoring proposes or allow no possibility for de-listing
  • There are a number of blacklists, like UCEPROTECT, that operate by asking for money in order to de-list IP addresses more quickly. We don't consider these blacklists serious, and we will not encourage or support them. Most of the time, these listings are based on users sending E-Mails to spamtraps (Lashback), but unfortunately there is no way to identify all addresses used as spamtraps, because there are of course no publicly available lists.

In these cases we must wait until the IP address is automatically de-listed.

If you think that we have overlooked an important list, please contact your Service Delivery Manager so that we can review the situation.