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Affected version(s): pre 7.10.6


Mail Sync using EAS does not work anymore. The Open-Xchange Logfile shows:

Code Block
com.openexchange.usm.eas.servlet.EASServlet.handle Request(

Open-Xchange USM/EAS: Internal server error

setting Loglevel to DEBUG reveals the following error:

Code Block
"Range too big. Only identifiers are allowed to be queried with a range greater than/equal to 1000"

Root Cause

Since Open-Xchange App Suite 7.10.6-rev24 com.openexchange.mail.mailFetchLimit which defines the max. fetch limit (meaning all mails whose count is less than or equal to this value are going to be fetched with all attributes set) is set to 1000 by default. All subsequent mail fetch limits with all attributes set by other subsystems (like com.openexchange.mail.mailFetchLimit for EAS) should not exceed this value - otherwise an error will be thrown if the amount of mails fetched through the respective subsystem will exceed this limit.

Most probably you have set com.openexchange.usm.eas.mail.limit to unlimited (0) or to a value >= 1000 while having com.openexchange.mail.mailFetchLimit not set at all (default value 1000 becomes active).


Make sure that com.openexchange.usm.eas.mail.limit does not exceed the value set in com.openexchange.mail.mailFetchLimit. Generally we do not recommend setting com.openexchange.usm.eas.mail.limit to unlimited or a higher value than 600 (default value) since this can cause high load issues and delays when the system is used by multiple EAS clients syncing mails simultanously.

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